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Why male pride will get you nowhere

As every woman knows, when the man is in control, he would rather waste a fortune in petrol than ask for directions – which can be very stressful when you're rushing to catch a plane from an unfamiliar airport.

A recent survey by Sheilas' Wheels found that over a year the average man will travel up to 276 miles out of his way, with 25% adding at least half an hour to each journey by wandering around in sheer confusion before yielding to the inevitable. Meanwhile, their cheap flights to Paris or Rome is getting more expensive by the minute!

As calculated by the woman-friendly motor insurance company, a male's meanderings through unknown territory in search of non-existent signposts can cost him as much as £2,000 in fuel during his lifetime, which is enough to fly to Europe and back several times over!

Women get lost too (of course!) but are usually sensible enough to stop the car as they button-hole a likely-looking local.

Men who get lost can at least console themselves with music. According to another recent poll, the most popular music for British motorists includes anything by Shirley Bassey, Take That or Abba.

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    Leeds Bradford Airport is located on the A658 just outside the centre of Yeadon and is well sign-posted from the nearby A65, A660 and A6120. It's also clearly marked from the region's motorways - the M62, M1 and A1M.