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Trips to Prague go swimmingly for some!

There are several ways of getting to Prague, but here’s one you may never have considered – swimming 175km up the Vltava River like Paul Whitaker; not that he can’t afford the flight, mind you. As well as challenging his endurance and stamina during the 18 day-long swim in October, Paul is taking the less comfortable route to the Czech capital to raise money for charity. customers, on the other hand, can get there in a fraction of the time and with far less energy by booking one of’s special cheap flights to Prague. You can book a cheap parking space for your car too at LCS Airport Parking.

Prague has become a favourite destination for city breaks, thanks to its wonderful architecture, quaint restaurants, cafes and bars, and the glorious food! And if you book early enough, you might be in time to watch Paul Whitaker’s final strokes as you sip coffee from one of the elegant street cafes by the river, or while strolling across the famous Charles Bridge.

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