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Five good reasons to leave your car with us

LCS may not be the cheapest airport parking facility, but we’re certainly the most convenient.  When you pre-book with us, all you have to do is drive to the airport. We’ll arrange for one of our chauffeurs to meet you on arrival and drive your vehicle to our secure car parking facility, saving time and energy for you. Your car will be ready for you when you come back too.

1. Saving time
If you’re travelling to an important business meeting, the last thing you need is a lot of hassle finding somewhere to park, locating an often complex ticket validation system and walking miles to the check-in desk.

“Off to Paris for an urgent presentation, arriving just in time to catch my flight. Not for the first time, thanked my wonderful, highly efficient PA for booking my car with LCS Airport Parking. Screeched to a halt outside the terminal, threw the keys at the chauffeur and dashed to the check-in. No way would I have made it without LCS!”

2. Keeping everyone together
Young children and several pieces of luggage are difficult enough to negotiate without worrying about anyone getting lost on route from the car park. Just drive to the airport and you can all disembark outside the door.
“Six of us, including one very fractious toddler, plus umpteen suitcases and not a minute to spare. It was bad enough just getting everyone as far as the check-in desk, so goodness knows how we’d have managed walking all the way from the car park! The driver from LCS was an absolute brick!”

3. Making light of disability
For disabled people, long journeys can sometimes be a nightmare, so anything that lessens the stress is particularly welcome. Pre-booking means getting as near as possible to your check-in point while your vehicle is being well taken care of. It will also be waiting for you – right outside the terminal - when you return.
“This was our first holiday abroad since my accident and I was absolutely dreading it. My biggest worry was how to get from the car park, especially if it was a multi-storey job. Fortunately, a friend suggested LCS who sorted everything out for me. I was able to get out of the car and walk the few yards to my check-in point. What a relief! It was the same coming back again – there was our car just waiting for us.”

4. Lightening the load
Skiing, golfing, scuba diving  - the more equipment you’re planning to take, the nearer you are to the baggage check-in  the better. Meet and greet staff will be on hand to whisk your vehicle away, lightening your load for the journey.
“Me and the rest of the band had enough on our plates without worrying where to park. Keyboard, guitars, saxophones, you name it, there was hardly room in the van what with all our luggage. Anyway, the guy from LCS was waiting for us, so all we had to do was unload everything. Don’t know how we’d have managed otherwise!”

5. Travelling  securely
A woman alone can often feel vulnerable, especially when walking to a lonely airport car park late at night. What a relief to have someone waiting at the terminal, and how convenient to just slip into the driver’s seat and head for home!
“After a long flight, it was lovely to be met with a friendly smile and my car keys. Such a difference from the last time, when I had to find my car in a deserted parking area. Took ages, and the whole experience gave me the creeps. Booking with LCS really was worth a bit extra – after all, you can’t be too careful these days. Very convenient and totally reassuring.”

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    Leeds Bradford Airport is located on the A658 just outside the centre of Yeadon and is well sign-posted from the nearby A65, A660 and A6120. It's also clearly marked from the region's motorways - the M62, M1 and A1M.