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LSC Roda 28-1-2012 143.JPG

m88 review“Stupid is the capoeirista who lets himself be grabbed; even more stupid is he who grabs” – Master Bimba

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The roda is a circle of people where Capoeira is played, comprising capoeira players and also a battery of musicians that give the game its unique rythym. Two players dance in m88 live casino gamesthe centre while others sing, clap and play a variety of instruments to bring energy and excitement.

“the Roda provides the environment for a positive feedback loop: the musicians inspire the chorus to sing, the chorus and musicians together inspire the players M88 Online Live Casinoto play, the players in turn inspire both the chorus and musicians; and everyone is inspired to enter the Roda and play more”

“The Roda provides a remarkable environment, though the participants’ collective unity of intention, inspire each Capoeirista m88 reviewto play beyond their perceived limits. This vital group dynamic is an interesting counterbalance to the individualism of each Capoeirista that is so greatly encouraged in this art form”. Simon Fliegner (senior student)